Seventy times seven is an outreach of Victory Christian Church (, located in Davie, Florida.

     Our commitment to helping ex-offenders is based on personal experience.  We have several members who have been to state or federal prison.  We've been there, done that.  We've experienced the world's cold shoulder, and the difficulty finding housing and employment.

     Rather than just complaining about the situation, we decided to do something about it - all in accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We want to demonstrate His love to others - by accepting people just as they are.  If a person is willing to change, we're willing to help them.

     No one will ever be turned away because "they messed up too many times."  Obviously, we're encouraging people to stop committing crime, to stay away from these things; they're harmful to many people.  But just because someone has a long record is no reason to turn our backs on them.  On the contrary, it's because of Christ's love that so many turn their lives around.  Jesus gives them a reason to do what's right.